sâmbătă, 28 mai 2011

Cool Words

We all love cool words and also we all like knowing cool words. Each time we discover a brand new one we have this nice tingly sensation on the inside for whatever reason. Perhaps it's just that you learn some thing brand-new, yet often it is the idea that you know that one term which conveys something cool.

You can utilize cool words to impress your pals, as well as begin a conversation. Everyone knows that awkward moments when neither particular person knows things to say. Well, learning even just a couple of this kind of phrases can be an amazing ice breaker. Picture sharing with each other about a extravagant awesome word you recently discovered. An entire dialogue could be started out just through mentioning a good word such as "pogonophobia" – that's simply "fear for beards" – so weird but so simple. You can use them as part of a pickup line or just improvise when you are together with others near.

How about tattoos? If you're in that sort of stuff, is there something more stunning than possessing a cool word etched on the body? Everybody is going to be curious about the meaning. And in the end, it's not necessary to get a tattoo and you do not have to pick up girls. Cool words are simply cool like they are not having a well defined goal.

Therefore, what's powering those words that makes them so neat?

The first type are the kinds which come from Greek or Latin and simply because they possess that old different sensation attached they're regarded as great. Also, this really is easy to create such a word. For example you can merely stick along two phrases and you obtain a new cool word – consider "pogona" as an example, which means "beard", stick it to "phobia" so you get "pogonophobia". Such a peculiar concept- being frightened with beards! Or, even wierder, add this to "philia" that is "love of" so you get "pogonophilia". The pogonophile would then be considered a person who loves beards. Whoa!

But cool words go way over. Take almost any substance or organic expression and you get some 30-40 letter term which sounds very very challenging to articulate and describes some strange substance or vaguely known cerebral nerve.

Some other words tend to be remarkable simply because they have a pleasant sound. Assoncances, alliterations, consoncances and tautograms relate equally to phrases as well as phrases that seem awesome because of the way the sounds or letters fit along. Some examples would be: the majority of the names in Harry Potter (Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin, Rowna Ravenclaw, Godric Gryfindor, Severus Snape, Cho Chang etc.), "do you like blue?", "crumbling thunder", "Prince of Persia – Warrior Within", "row row row your boat","all mammals named Sam are clammy", "Veni Vidi Vici" and many many more.

Slang words are especially awesome because they are just slang. I am not really going to point out any here, however, you can check out these cool slang words right here, not that cool dictionary words would be lamer.

And finally, some ideas tend to be fascinating simply because they have a deeper meaning, just like "nemesis" (which means arch-enemy), or oriental terms like "ying" and "yiang" or "karma".